No matter how your life is moving at the moment, No matter what problems you are going through, all it takes to shift into a positive, radiant, creative and fulfilling life, is the readiness to accept new perspectives and the guidance from an inspiring mentor.

Dr. Manoj Kumar.M, is an international speaker, columnist and life coach with close to two decades of serving lakhs of people from different parts of the world. His Life-Changing sessions have nourished both the young and the old, back to being their most creative, most radiant self. By combining the ancient
wisdom of Yoga, Pranayam, Dhyana with the most recent developments in Contemporary Science, Neuro-linguistics and Psychology, Dr. Manoj Kumar.M has a very unique approach to support his clients overcome the challenges in their lives. He has created a method that is both belief and behavior-based. It works by addressing the problems from the “inside-out” and challenges and encourages every individual to rise above their
self-imposed limitations.

His clients have included Entrepreneurs, Film Actors, Businessmen, Creative Professionals, Corporate Employees and Service Professionals among others. Dr. Manoj Kumar truly cares about his clients’ success and gives them undivided attention and support. His insightful guidance has helped innumerable individuals lead a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.



An improvement in your Business or Career, To eliminate Anxiety, Stress and Worry from your life, To improve Self-Esteem and Confidence, To develop Healthy Habits, To learn Effective Communication or To simply lead a life of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being….. Whatever be the aspect of your life that you want to positively transform, Dr. Manoj Kumar.M can help you take that quantum leap.



Attending Manoj Sir’s session was a life-changing experience. He has a way to help you deal with issues in a much more positive way than you could ever imagine. He helped me explore the voices underneath and helped me sort out what values are important to me and how I can honor them. Learning how to take control of my emotions and lift my own spirit is pretty powerful, and sir helped me learn how to do that.

~ Anupama.V ~


I felt like a new person. I gained a much higher level of confidence. I’ve learnt to let go of taking things personally and concentrate on controlling my thoughts and emotions. I started to set boundaries and to speak my truths. It is still hard at times but I’m getting better at it every day.

~ Muralidharan.K ~


Manoj Sir’s energy, knowledge, kindness and understanding all flow together, making you want to achieve great things in life. I feel that all aspects of my life opened up for me to move forward. I am now meditating daily based on what I learned during the coaching session.

~ Shaji.A ~


I’ve learned how to better manage my emotions. I complain much less and I set boundaries with family and friends. I’ve been going out and meeting more people. I feel I am in a much better place now. Thank you, Manoj Sir !!

~ Malavika.M ~