“NEWLIFE HYPNOCLINIC” is an intense and flourishing platform set up by Dr.Manoj Kumar.M where ruined – up lives or an excerpt of it meets REJUVENATION. It’s also an attempt of healing the pain, felt after or while going through hardships, or adversities which are knocked down by life on us. ‘Newlife Hypnoclinic’ deals with a therapy where hypnotherapy and many other healing practices has a better take on the depressed or under-confident feeling, making the person, who is under-going it, feel serene by driving away the agitation filled in the inner mind. The same methods are churned to achieve success in Weight Management , Dealing with Phobias, Anger-Management, Creative Visualization, Curb the Pain sensation of Cancer Patients, Self- Confidence enhancement, Phobias or fears related to past or any particular thing, Healing of Adversities or loneliness leading to depression, Key to the lock of Migraine attacks, Past Life Regressions, dealing with learning disabilities or to free the addicts from their freaking addictions of Smoking, Alcohol or other substances that arrests them to ruin many sections of their lifes and the list goes on and on.

This spot-on clinic is recognized as India’s one of the most modern Hypnotherapy clinic based in Calicut, situated in the state of Kerala, India. While we are busy reading and discussing about this wondrous clinic, many souls at this moment, also, are being showered with providential healing, stating explicitly the definition of MIRACLES.

Apart from these mighty efforts, Dr.Manoj Kumar.M organises frequent well- being programmes also. Let’s turn the page to scroll through few of the programs held by him as a TRAINER, each with a motive of positive change and education :